St Peter Hungate church

St Peter Hungate

Extensively re-built by John & Margaret Paston in 1458. The church closed in 1934. It escaped demolition and became the first redundant church in the UK to be given a secular use (as a museum). A wonderful space, surrounded by listed buildings, notably the east window of Blackfriars Hall. 

The church currently houses Hungate Medieval Art, which aim to promote the medieval art and architecture of Norfolk, particularly that of the parish churches.

The north yard was largely remodelled around 2013/14, when it was used as a builders site during works to the Britton Arms. The magnificent Golden Indian Bean Tree, Catalpa bignoniodes ‘Aurea’ was fortunately untouched and dominates the churchyard. Local residents wished for thechurchyard to be re-planted with a theme of nature conservation, and this has largely been achieved with a wide range of perennial plants, including a herb garden at the eastern end, near the row of cottages.

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